Chicago A (Footnote and Bibliography)

Chicago A (Footnotes and bibliography)

Chicago has two styles.

This guide is for Chicago A: notes (footnotes) and bibliography.

(The other style, Chicago B, is an author-date style).

Chicago A is a footnote style with two key components:

  1. A citation appears as a footnote (or endnote), corresponding to a superscripted number in the text.
  1. A bibliography at the end of the paper, alphabetically listing, by author family name, all references used in the text.

Note: A bibliography is the same as a reference list; bibliography is the label used in footnoting styles, reference lists are used in author-date styles. Make sure to use the correct label.

The following resources have been used to prepare the examples

These are referred to as the "Manual" and "Turabian," respectively.

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