Games and Apps

You may need to consult more than one section to accurately represent the source used (eg. number of authors and source descriptions)

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

5. Title of Game/ App, edition, version (developer, year), operating system required.

Footnote examples

First entry:

5. Assassins Creed II, Xbox 360 Game of the Year ed. (Ubisoft Entertainment, 2011), Xbox 360 with PAL designation.

6. Heavy Rain, PlayStation 3 Move ed. (Quantic Dream, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2012), PlayStation 3.

7. Monument Valley, iPhone ed., v. 2.5.21 (ustwo Games, 2014), iOS 8.0 or later.

8. Human Anatomy Atlas 2018: Complete 3D Human Body, v. 2018.5.47 (Visible Body, 2018), Android 5.0 and up.

Second and subsequent entries:

9. Assassins Creed II.

Format for bibliography

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Developer. Title of Game/ App. Edition, version. Publisher, year. Operating system required.

Bibliography entry examples

Ubisoft Entertainment. Assassins Creed II. Xbox 360 Game of the Year Ed. Ubisoft Entertainment, 2011. Xbox 360 with PAL designation.

Quantic Dream. Heavy Rain. PlayStation 3 Move Ed. Sony Computer Entertainment, 2012. PlayStation 3.

Ustwo Games. Monument Valley. iPhone ed., v. 2.5.21. Ustwo Games, 2014. iOS 8.0 or later.

Visible Body. Human Anatomy 2018: Complete 3D Human Body. V. 2018.5.47. Visible Body, 2018. Android 5.0 and up.

Style notes for this style type

  • See Manual 14.268. See also Turabian
  • Note the bibliography entries are listed with the name of the developer/s first. Footnotes usually begin with the title of the game or app in italics.
  • Include version number and information about device, platform or operating system required if available.
  • Additional information (such as author, composer, animator) can be added to the end of the citation after operating system.
  • Publisher and developer may be the same company.

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