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Minerva Access is the University of Melbourne's institutional repository and makes our research outputs publicly availablecontains research output from University of Melbourne staff and students, includes theses and research publications.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What material does Minerva Access hold and what can be deposited?

    To be eligible to submit to the Minerva Access, depositors must be staff or students of the University of Melbourne community at time of publication, submission or reporting. Contributions may include researchers external to the University, if they are co-authoring with University of Melbourne authors or are affiliated with the University at the time of publication.
    The following materials are accepted:

    • Journal articles – refereed, non-refereed, editorials, book reviews, letter, etc;
    • Conference papers – refereed, non-refereed, accepted abstracts, poster sessions
    • Books and book chapters from commercial, non-commercial, society and University publishers;
    • Theses:  Graduate Research and Minor Coursework Theses;
    • University publications such as books, working and discussion papers, government submissions, research reports and inaugural lectures;
    • Creative works;
    • Research data sets [including, but not limited to, statistics and surveys associated with or supplementary to research publications] may be included

    Minerva Access will collect, but suppress access to material, in the following circumstances:

    • data and output collection and reporting purposes;
    • if the publisher requires it;
    • if the work has been embargoed by an authorised University officer, such as a thesis supervisor; or
    • if requested by the author.
  • How do I link to items in Minerva Access?

    All Minerva Access records display a persistent Handle URL in the URI field. We recommend using this URL when linking items in Minerva Access.

    These handles differ from the links which appear in your browser's location bar and are designed to be used as persistent, long-term, links to the resource. Here is the link from a record with a handle: http://hdl.handle.net/11343/39592

  • Can I find out how many times my work has been downloaded?

    Minerva Access provides usage statistics for each item in the repository. To see the number of downloads of an item, open the Minerva Access record and click the "Show statistical information" button in the left sidebar.

    Downloads are counted as "bitstreams" on the statistics page. You can also view them by country.

  • I found a thesis in Minerva Access that is restricted. Can I access it?

    If the thesis is under an embargo period then you cannot access the thesis.

    If the thesis is restricted to University of Melbourne staff and students or it is simply permanently restricted (i.e there is no embargo end date), then you can access a digital copy of the thesis by submitting a request to the University of Melbourne’s Reading Room.

    Not all University of Melbourne theses are digitised. For information on how to access print theses, see our Thesis Collection information page.

  • What is my My Account?

    Login to My Account as a member of the University or as a Guest to save and export search results to the bibliographic software.

  • How do I register as a guest?

    Guest registration is available for anyone who is not a member of the University of Melbourne and who wants to take advantage of the save and export features of the "My Account" service. To register, click on the My Account\Register as Guest link, provide a valid email address, and respond to emailed instructions as directed.

  • I want more detailed information on copyright and the repository. Where can I look for help and advice?

    The University’s Copyright Office maintains information about copyright law as it applies to research publication generally and theses specifically. Copyright Office covers issues around third-party copyright, including seeking permission from owners to use in online material, exemptions available under the Copyright Act, and how the Act is used to provide external users with access to library materials, both print and digital.

Further support

For enquiries relating to the Minerva Access system, please email at minerva-access@unimelb.edu.au.

If you require assistance depositing your Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs), contact the Research Outputs team at research-outputs@unimelb.edu.au.

Further open access support can be found on our Open Scholarship website. You can also organise to consult a librarian or reach out to library-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au.