UDC provides a thesis digitisation service to individual requestors only – requests for UoM theses to be made available on another institution’s repository will be declined

    1. Requestors must pay the digitisation fee online through eCart
    2. Requestors must complete and sign the request/copyright declaration form which precludes any other use of the thesis than specified
    3. Add receipt number to the request/copyright declaration form, scan and then email the request/copyright declaration form to
    • Receipts are issued at the time of payment
    • UDC will digitise the thesis and email requestor with a Cloudstor link for download
    • Turn-around time on requests is usually within four weeks from receipt of declaration and payment to email of link to requestor. The actual timeline is frequently far less. If unforseen delays threaten achievement of the stated timeline, UDC will make all endeavours to communicate with the requestor via email

    Libraries in an educational institution

    Libraries in an educational institution covered by the Part VB statutory licence can request a copy of a thesis for educational purposes subject to the terms and conditions of the Part VB licence. However, if a thesis is provided under the Part VB statutory licence, access must be restricted to students. A copy of a thesis can only be provided to other libraries where the requesting library has obtained written permission from the author.