Library troubleshooting tips

Library troubleshooting tips

Following these tips (where applicable) will help you troubleshoot any library link access issues you're having, and will assist us in diagnosing the issue faster if you need to report the issue.

  1. Recreate your search starting from the Library homepage to make sure you’re accessing the correct links.

  2. If the issue persists, clear your cache and try tip 1 again.
    NOTE: How to clear your cache on PC or Mac.

  3. If you are attempting to access a resource from a bookmarked or old link that uses an EZProxid string, you can create a new link with our link generator to replace it with.

  4. To speed up access to full text, you can download the LibKey Nomad Browser extension that will put a direct PDF download link onto research platforms and other sites.

  5. If none of these tips have fixed your issue, you may need to contact us. Make sure you let us know that you’ve attempted the above tips, and remember, screenshots tell a thousand words.