Library access troubleshooting tips

Listed here are several problems our users come across daily when accessing library systems and resources. These problems often have simple solutions that you can work through and fix yourself. Read through each of the items below to identify your problem, starting with the first one, as simply clearing your cache will fix most problems.

  • Trouble accessing a system or resource

    Tip: Clear your cache

    The first thing to do when you have a problem logging onto or accessing any of our systems or resources is to clear your cache in the browser you’re using. Browsers often save outdated information, which is the most common cause of these types of errors.

    This is the online equivalent of “Have you turned it off and on again?”, so make sure you try this before anything else.

    How to clear your cache on PC or Mac.

  • System outage

    Tip: Check the System outages page

    It’s always worth checking our System outages page to check if we have any systems offline. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does we’ll update this page with information about the outage and a work-around, if there is one.

  • Broken link on the website

    Tip: Retrace steps from the home page

    If you come across a link that isn’t working or has taken you somewhere unexpected, retrace your steps from the homepage. Sometimes links on internal pages can be broken or incorrect.

  • Broken link to a resource

    Tip: Create a new link using the link generator

    If you are attempting to access a resource from a link you've saved or have made available to students that uses an EZProxid string, you can create a new link with our link generator to replace it.

    Alternatively, you can search for the resource directly in Discovery or the Catalogue.

  • Trouble accessing resources from Google Scholar

    Tip: Install Lean Library

    If you’re having trouble accessing a resource from Google Scholar that we have a paid subscription to, you can install the Lean Library browser extension that will automatically log you in and give you direct access to the resource. To speed the process up even more, you can also install the LibKey Nomad or Endnote Click browser extensions that will give you direct access to download the full text PDF.

  • Failed Discovery search

    Tip: Do your search in Google Scholar

    If you’re unable to find a resource in Discovery that you know we have a subscription to, make sure you have Lean Library installed and do the search again in Google Scholar.

  • Unable to fix the problem

    Tip: Contact us

    If the above tips haven’t fixed your problem, you may need to contact us. To help us fix your problem as quickly as possible, describe the exact steps you took to get the error, and remember, screenshots tell a thousand words.