LibKey Nomad

The LibKey Nomad browser extension puts direct PDF download links onto research platforms and other sites. It speeds up access to the full text on publisher pages, PubMed, Wikipedia and many other sites. Available for Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi browsers.

Current access issue - workaround details below

We are currently experiencing an issue with Chrome Web Store access. Students who are logged into their student Google account will be blocked from Chrome Web Store and not be able to download LibKey Nomad or any other Chrome extension.

In order to download LibKey Nomad, students will need to:

  1. Log out of the student Google account []
  2. Access the Chrome Web Store and install the extension(s)
  3. Log back into the student Google account []

If you're still unable to access and download this extension,  you can contact us at Student IT

Download LibKey Nomad

Data and Privacy

The LibKey Nomad browser extension works with your UniMelb authentication, no separate user account is needed. Your credentials are not captured by the company and no selling or sharing of your data with other services occurs. Want to know more? See the company’s privacy statement for all their products.