Which Citation Style?

Help with deciding which citation style is best for your discipline or writing requirements.

Re:cite - guide to referencing styles

Re:cite is the University of Melbourne guide to citing and referencing in your research and writing, it covers the referencing styles commonly used at the University including:

If Re:cite doesn't have the answers you need you may need to refer to the full style manual or guides. Where possible we make ebook copies available but for some styles they are only available in hardcopy format.

Which referencing style should I use?

The University supports a range of referencing styles. Always check the subject guide, assignment instructions or contact your lecturer or tutor if you are unsure which style to use. If your lecturer doesn’t specify a style, it’s really important to consistently apply the style you select. If you have to use text citations, APA is a good choice, and if you have to use a footnoting style, Chicago A is recommended.

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Why should I reference?

Find out more about the importance of citing and referencing on the academic integrity website.

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What are you writing?

A thesis?

Referencing styles are discipline-specific. Your supervisor can advise on a recommended style.

An assignment or essay?

Before compiling your references, check your assignment guidelines or subject outline, or consult with your tutor or lecturer for the referencing style preferred by the school or department.

A journal article?

Each journal will specify a format for referencing in author instructions guidelines or similar. These are usually available on journal web pages.