Melbourne Figshare

A repository for data and digital materials


Melbourne Figshare is an institutional data repository which enables the University's research community to store, manage , publish and share research data, other supplementary research materials, and non-traditional research outputs (NTROs).  Published materials can be easily cited, discovered and shared.  This infrastructure is designed to complement the University's open access institutional repository, Minerva Access.

data includes supplementary and other research materials

What can be stored in Figshare?

Melbourne Figshare is primarily intended for storing and sharing materials that underpin research processes.  Materials in Melbourne Figshare are held on University managed storage infrastructure and include data, code, software, notes and findings, media, reports and more.  The repository is not suitable for storing sensitive data.

To understand whether your materials are suitable for storage in Melbourne Figshare, it is recommended that you use the University's Research Data Classification Tool to compare your data requirements against the Figshare sensitive data classification.

Access Melbourne Figshare


Contact the Library's Digital Stewardship team for more information about the Figshare Data Repository at Melbourne.

For information about the Figshare platform generally, refer to the Figshare website.


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