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斯文在兹 (Here Lives Our Culture)

Here Lives Our Culture 斯文在兹 explores cultural materials drawn from more than 20,000 items in the University of Melbourne’s Rare East Asian Collection. To reflect the experience of a traditional Chinese library, the exhibition is organised around the four-category system used in ancient China: Classics, History, Masters, and Literature. China has an extensive history of collecting and classifying books, and libraries have long sat at the heart of its cultural knowledge production. Inspired by the Analects of Confucius and encompassing materials from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, Here Lives Our Culture invites you to learn, share, and connect through our collections at the Baillieu Library.

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80 Years of Meanjin

Online exhibition

80 Years of Meanjin is a collaboration between Archives and Special Collections and Meanjin, using our collection of Meanjin material to celebrate the literary magazine's 80th year.

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