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We aspire to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ knowledges and cultures to the diverse University community and beyond with respect and sensitivity. We are committed to making our collections discoverable and collaborating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through continuous work, engagement and learning. More information

The new University of Melbourne Archives catalogue is now live. We've provided a list of answers to FAQs. Share your thoughts on the new catalogue.

Archives and Special Collections are open to all and can be accessed through the Reading Room at the Baillieu Library. Each collection has an online catalogue that can be used to locate materials, which can then be requested for viewing via the Aeon request management system. An increasing amount of material is available online as digital collections, which are regularly updated.

Digitised collections are available via the University of Melbourne's Digitised Collections portal.

Online collection catalogues

  • East Asian

    Search for East Asian collections in the University Library Catalogue.  For Rare East Asian materials search under Baillieu Special Collections in the catalogue.

  • Maps

    Search for Maps in the University Library Catalogue. Search under Baillieu Special Collections for Rare Map collections.

  • Prints

    The Prints collection is fully searchable through the Prints database.

  • Rare Books

    Most Rare Books can be searched for in the University Library Catalogue. Some collections are only accessible via card catalogues or lists. Please see Rare Books page for more information.

  • Rare Music

    Search for Rare Music collections  in the University Library Catalogue. Business and personal papers of the Editions de l'Oiseau-Lyre Archive can be found in the University of Melbourne Archives catalogue.

  • University of Melbourne Archives

    Search for the University of Melbourne Archives in the catalogue. This is the new University of Melbourne Archives catalogue launched Monday 20 November. We've provided some answers to FAQ's and you are welcome to share your feedback with us.

    The previous catalogue will remain online until June 2024, but will not be updated

    Some material may be restricted and requires additional permissions to be sought prior to it being available. This includes collections containing material relating to Indigenous Communities, Child Welfare Records and Records about Students.

  • Theses

    The University of Melbourne Thesis Collection consists of archival copies of all Masters by Research and PhD theses completed to 2017, and digital copies can be requested via the University Digitisation Centre. Theses after 2017 exist as digital copies only and can be accessed via the Institutional Repository.

    To locate Honours theses search the Library catalogue in the Rare Books holdings. Honours theses are often held in departmental offices or libraries and may be available for reference there.