Acknowledging Australian Indigenous peoples in our Libraries, Archives and Special Collections

We aspire to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ knowledges and cultures to the diverse University community and beyond with respect and sensitivity. We are committed to making our collections discoverable and collaborating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through continuous work, engagement and learning.

We hold materials from a range of sources relating to the cultures, knowledges, languages, artistic and spiritual practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respect their Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP). Some collection materials contain evidence of the traumas impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since colonisation. Materials may also include offensive or derogatory language or depictions that could be distressing.

We recognise the importance of truth-telling and retain evidence of past perspectives for research, teaching and learning so that these impacts will not be forgotten.  These do not reflect the current attitudes of the University and are provided in an historical context.

We welcome your feedback

We welcome feedback from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the University community and the wider community.

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