We are committed to making our holdings discoverable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and collaborating with Communities. We hold materials from a range of sources relating to the cultures, knowledges, languages, artistic and spiritual practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the 19th century on. We respect Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP).

Some collection materials contain evidence of the traumas impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since colonisation; we retain evidence of past perspectives for truth telling, research, teaching and learning, so that these impacts will not be forgotten.

Black and white photograph of group of people gathered outside Cooks Cottage, in the Fitzroy Gardens, protesissues of land rights and uranium mining.Australian Aboriginal flags and banners surround Cook's cottage.
Land rights march, 26 January 1976, John Ellis collection, University of Melbourne Archives, 1999.0081.00878