Daniel Ritchie’s watercolours sketches

Daniel Ritchie’s series of watercolours of people and landscape provide the researcher with an illustrative record of Ritchie’s sea journeys through the Mediterranean, England, Australia and the West Indies.  They depict his first-hand encounters with local custom and place.

Grecian Ruins
Ritchie, Daniel, Grecian Ruins - Corinth, 1838 -1842, Ritchie Family and Business Correspondence, 1/4/29/7, 1974.0084.05397

A complete catalogue of the watercolours can be found in the Ritchie Family and Business Papers.

Man Standing on Rock
Ritchie, Daniel, Man Standing on Rocks, Greek, Albanian Costume, 1838-1842, Ritchie Family and Business Correspondence, University of Melbourne Archives, 1974.0084.05392.

Further Reading

National Library of Australia, Travellers Art: A National Library of Australia Exhibition, 2003