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Inside the Repository

The University of Melbourne Archives' repository is usually off-limits to everyone except UMA staff. But we have a wonderful time working in the repository and wanted to share what happens behind those locked doors with our curious patrons.


Citing archival material

Archival material must be cited correctly. This enables staff and other researchers to locate and access records.

  • Preferred citation content
    • Name of University of Melbourne Archives in full
    • Full collection name
    • Collection reference number
    • Item number
    • Description and date of item
  • Example

    University of Melbourne Archives, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack Collection, 1971.0009.00185, Correspondence from Wingler, Hans M., Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, 27 Oct 1957

Cover Art, Australia To-Day 1907
Cover Art, Australia To-Day Christmas 1907, Commercial Travellers Association collection, 1979.0162.03382. Artist unknown.

Inscribed below image:



The central view, typical of an Australian city of to day, (not necessearily any particular city). The lower sketch Australia as it was. At the top corners the Southern Cross, each star representing a city of the Commonwealth. The rays represent the Aurora Australis. The red white and blue represents the Empire.