Multiculturalism and immigration

As is clear from the radio broadcasts and speeches listed below, Malcolm Fraser had a long and abiding support for multiculturalism in Australia, indeed even before the term became popular. As Opposition spokesperson for Labour and Immigration, Fraser released a paper in 1974 that referenced multiculturalism. Fraser was first able to initiate some change as Minister for Education and Science (1968-69 and 1971-71), in which he promoted the teaching of Asian languages. The Whitlam government was the first to implement multiculturalism, which the Fraser government continued and put into effect, ensuring that multiculturalism was a bi-partisan policy.

Fraser had almost always advocated for high levels of immigration. He believed that the government had a crucial role in practically supporting integration into Australian society and fostering acceptance of migrants among the broader population.

The end of the Vietnam War prompted an increase in refugees from South-East Asia and in 1977 Fraser appointed the Review of Post-Arrival Programs and Services to Migrants, which became known as the Galbally Report. It is widely seen as a turning-point in the history of multiculturalism, arguing that Australians had a right to maintain their culture and the government a responsibility to provide services and programs in order to ensure equality of opportunity. The adoption of recommendations led to an expansion of existing settlement services, including accommodation, orientation and language teaching. It also led to the establishment of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

Following his retirement from parliament, Fraser continued to champion the rights of immigrants and refugees. The former became an increasingly important question as successive governments tightened border controls and implemented punitive measures against asylum seekers. For Fraser this, along with preferences to the One Nation Party, led to his resignation from the Liberal Party in 2009.


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