Key 41: The Medical Faculty [ii]/Anatomy 1905; 1923; 1929/Obstetrics (& Gynaecology) 1929; 1949


Richard J.A. Berry arrived in 1905 fresh from lecturing in the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh to take up the new chair of Anatomy.

Prof Richard J. Berry
Prof Richard J. Berry
[Source: University of Melbourne Archives Image Catalogue, UMA-I-2230]

This allowed Professor Harry B. Allen to concentrate on Pathology. Arriving with a large collection of anatomical specimens and an extensive personal library, and finding little of merit in the existing University buildings, Berry immediately formed plans for an Anatomy building.

Anatomy building, c1910
Anatomy building, with added story, c1910.
[Source: University of Melbourne Archives Image Catalogue, UMA-I-1058]

Unfortunately such was the state of finances that he had to wait until November 1923 before he moved into an unprepossessing red brick building with no visually identifiable entrance, to the south of Old Pathology but functionally well designed inside by Berry himself (Richard Berry Building, later housing Mathematics, Statistics and other functions).

Berry building, c1920s
Berry building, c1920s
[Source: University of Melbourne Archives Image Catalogue, UMA-I-1085]

On his resignation in 1929 Berry was succeeded by the much admired Frederic Wood Jones, at that time professor of Physical Anthropology at the University of Hawaii and former Professor of Anatomy at Adelaide University. Funds from the Edward Wilson Trust and a special Government grant made possible the establishment of the first clinical chair in the Faculty. R.M. Allan was appointed professor of Obstetrics in 1929 [and Gynaecology from 1949]

Professor Frederic Wood Jones, c1934
Professor Frederic Wood Jones, with penguin, c1934
[Source: University of Melbourne Archives Image Catalogue, UMA-I-1709]