Key 3: Redmond Barry: Chancellor 1853-1880


The first Chancellor of the University, Sir Redmond Barry, a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BA 1837; admitted to the Irish Bar 1838) made a significant contribution to the cultural development of Victoria, most notably through his role in the University and as President of the Trustees of the Melbourne Public Library and National Gallery.

Redmond Barry: Chancellor 1853-1880
Redmond Barry: Chancellor 1853-1880
[Source: University of Melbourne Archives Image Catalogue, UMA-I-1108]

Though the UMA holds few of Barry's personal papers, his presence is palpable in all the official records of the University until his death - and in the deed box bearing his name in which he probably carried papers, letters and books back and forth between his various offices.

Sir Redmond Barry's Deed Box
[University of Melbourne Archives Collection]