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Kathleen Fitzpatrick, circa 1953-1954, Photographer: Helmut Newton, University of Melbourne Photographs collection, 1975.0033.00002 Appointed lecturer in the University's History Department in 1938. She remained there until her retirement in 1962, becoming Associate Professor in 1948.

The success of the University of Melbourne and its place as one of the top universities in Australia can be traced through the contribution of its academics and professional staff.  UMA holds collections for over 400 individuals associated with the University, many of academics who were, or have become, experts in their field.  

To find collections for specific individuals, search using their name in the Simple Search box. For more information on University individuals, including staff who do not have an individual collection, it is advisable to search under the department or division with which they were associated. The papers of individuals may contain official University records, and vice versa.

The University of Melbourne Office of the Registrar correspondence series is a large and comprehensive series representing a major proportion of the activities of the University's Central Administration over a century. Researchers can search for individuals by name as well as across years.

Please note that UMA does not hold a complete set of staff records, and those that are held are highly confidential. To enquire about staff records please contact the reference service

Professor Sir Joseph Burke, 1987
Professor Emeritus Sir Joseph Burke, 12 December 1987 University of Melbourne, Photogrpaher: Norman Wodetzki, University of Melbourne Photographs collection, 1994.0025.00052 Herald Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne in May 1946, initially for three years. He held the post from 1947 until retirement in 1979.