University - Buildings and Grounds Architectural Drawings, Parkville Campus

Architectural drawings and other records relating to University of Melbourne buildings and grounds are housed across numerous collections including  the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA),  University of Melbourne Architecture, Building and Planning Library, the  State Library of Victoria as well as the University of Melbourne Map Collection.

Search the UMA catalogue for images and drawings of specific buildings, or the school or faculty of interest. For example, drawings of the building that houses the Department of Metallurgy are found within departmental records at 1985.0040.   These drawings must be accessed in person, however drawings and other records relating to the Japanese Room designed by Shigeru Yura have been digitised are available in our catalogue by searching for 1976.0012

Records of the University of Melbourne Staff Architect's Branch (from mid 1950s to early 1970s) are found under reference number 1973.0015.  Drawings of many university buildings designed by external architectural firms can be found in record sets for that firm. For example, drawings for Wilson Hall are within the records of Bates Smart & McCutcheon 1968.0013 – digital versions of many of these drawings and photographs of university buildings can be found in the UMA catalogue.

More images of university buildings can be found here and for digital versions of many drawings of University of Melbourne buildings, try here: To search, you will need to know the building number, which can be found here:   Parkville Campus Map

For more information on Architectural collections at the University of Melbourne see our research guide Architecture and Place.