Registrar's Correspondence (UM312)

Guide to navigating and accessing the UM312 Registrar's correspondence indexes and files concerning the activities of the University's central administration

The University of Melbourne Registrar's Correspondence Series UM312 (1999.0014) consists of files arranged predominately by annual single number and subject. It is a large and comprehensive series representing a major proportion of the activities of the University's Central Administration over nearly a century dating 1871-1966. Records relate to subjects and services such as accommodation, accounts, University council, matriculation and arrangements for exams, schools, academic departments and curricula, regulations and statutes, and so on.

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  • Requesting files

    To request the PDF index listing for a particular year/s please contact

    Place an online request through Aeon, the Reading Room’s request management system. Please request one file per transaction, entering the year, file number and title into the appropriate fields.

    Some files remain open at the end of the year in which they were created indicating to see the subsequent year, e.g. (see 1950). In such cases, view the index listing for the relevant year/s and request the file for that year or the final year for that subject.image:

Registrar's House, 1892
Image: Registrar's House, University of Melbourne, 1892, University of Melbourne Photographs collection, 1991.0086.00026