Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Poster, Public Meeting
Poster, Public Meeting

Australian Journalists Association, Victorian Branch (1974.0032 Incorporating 1987.0073, 1993.0073)

Trade union of Australian journalists. Includes papers concerning the 1975 killing of five Australian journalists at Balibo, the ‘Balibo Five’ (Item 23/8 and 23/14-15) comprises correspondence, telegrams, press release, reports. ACCESS: Open, item level listed, available online

Community Aid Abroad (1981.0122)

East Timor Commission; David Scott’s overseas trips. ACCESS: Open, item level listed, available online

Congress For International Co-Operation And Disarmament / Campaign For International Co-Operation And Disarmament (1979.0152)

Since its inception Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD) has actively campaigned for disarmament and peace. Comprises correspondence between the (CICD) and Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) from 1976-1979. Andrew Hewett was secretary of the AETA, while also working at CICD, consequently this collection also contains the records of Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) comprising working files, correspondence, minutes, reports, campaigns, press releases, recordings of illegal radio broadcasts from East Timor ‘Radio Maubere’ (1976-1977) and East Timor Calling – A Program from 3CR, Melbourne. ACCESS: Open, item level listed, available online

Campaign For International Co-Operation And Disarmament (2012.0286)

11 linear meters of records including ‘Alternative News’ 3ZZ weekly broadcast transcripts by Pauline Mitchell (and others) relating to the invasion of East Timor by Indonesia, secret Timor oil deals, chemical warfare in Timor, United States (U.S.) enters Timor war, Torre Straight boarder dispute.

Further transcripts relate to the U.S. and Australian show of military force in Pacific, French nuclear testing in the Pacific, the ramming of the ‘Pacific Peacemaker’ yacht by French, Minuteman missile test by US in South Pacific atoll. Papers and photographs relating to the campaigns and conferences for a Nuclear-Free Pacific – Fiji (1975)Asia-Pacific Action for Peace conference (1990)

Fraser, John Malcolm (Various Accessions)

Liberal member of parliament, Army Minister (1966-1968) Minister for Defense (1969-1971) and Prime Minister (1975-1983). Founder and chairman of CARE Australia (1987-2002) and President of CARE International (1990-1995). When Indonesia invaded Timor in 1975, Australia was the only Western nation to recognise Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor. Australia’s response and subsequent implicit support of Indonesia - betrays Australia’s own agenda in securing rich gas and oil deposits of the Timor sea. Kim McGrath (2017) beautifully describes the complex process of navigating archival records (and access restrictions at the National Archives of Australia) and their central importance in how they shed light on the oblique roles and motivations behind of individuals, parties and nations. The Malcolm Fraser collection at UMA comprises over 100 linear meters of personal records. Records created by Mr. Fraser as a Minister are Commonwealth records and are held by the National Archives of Australia. A detailed guide to this complex set of records and how they intersect see: Masters, Elizabeth and Wood, Katie (2012) Malcolm Fraser: guide to archives of Australia's Prime ministers Canberra, National Archives of Australia and University of Melbourne Archives. (http://guides.naa.gov.au/malcolm-fraser/). ACCESS conditions vary across accessions held at UMA, please see the collection catalogue for details.

Scott, David (2006.0039)

Activist for East Timor’s Independence (1975-2000). Records comprise correspondence in his lobbying of the Australian government; records of meetings with Fretilin – The Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor.Includes records related to the 1975 killing of five Australian journalists at Balibo, the ‘Balibo Five’;Radio Free Timor broadcast from Darwin and correspondence with Jose Ramos Horta. ACCESS: Open, item level listed, available online

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