Melbourne Figshare

Melbourne University's institutional data repository

Introduction to Melbourne Figshare

Melbourne Figshare is the University’s institutional data repository that enables researchers and graduate researchers share or publish research data, other supplementary research materials and other non-traditional research outputs in a citable, shareable, and discoverable manner.  Melbourne Figshare complements the University’s open access institutional repository, Minerva Access.

data includes supplementary and other research materials

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Publishing research outputs

Self service and other support

Supporting Melbourne Figshare are a range of self service resources.  Knowledge Based articles (KBAs) provide documentation for problem solving and frequently asked questions or access figshare user guides for step by step how to instructions on publishing your data and other supplementary materials.

Technical and research data management support requests can be submitted via the research data management ServiceNow enquiry form.

For assistance with non-traditional research outputs (NTROs), contact the Research Outputs Team.

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