Security and Privacy

Privacy Notice

OpenAthens collects detailed statistics on which resources are being accessed by users.  The library uses aggregate data to evaluate the usage of licensed resources and to better meet the informational needs of the UniMelb community.  The library will never share this data.


OpenAthens connects with UniMelb's central directory so you can use your UniMelb username and password to access licensed online resources.  SAML-based authentication keeps your UniMelb credentials safe while you securely access online resources.

OpenAthens has mechanisms in place to quickly identify potential data security breaches or cyberattacks. UniMelb Library staff is alerted when unusual behavior is detected.  If OpenAthens detects that an individual account has been compromised, that account is temporarily disabled, which prevents a provider from having to shut down access for our entire institution.

What is released to vendors

Some vendors require UniMelb to release a unique identifier or other unique information for each person connecting to their system.  OpenAthens manages this by releasing information from your UniMelb login to the Vendor. The maximum amount of personal information passed includes your:

  • name
  • official University of Melbourne email address
  • UniMelb username.

Vendor privacy and security policies

Listed below are vendors who currently require some unique information.  You can check each vendor's privacy and security policy when you login for the first time or at any time via the links below.