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Format for in-text citation

In-text citation example

Newman (2008) reported that…


Apple has been beset with more patent suits since developing the iPod (Claburn 2008).

Format for reference list

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Author (Year of publication), 'Title of article', Name of Publication, Date, Page numbers.

Reference list example


Newman M (2008), 'Baffling the bandits', National Wildlife, October, pp.14-15.


Claburn T (2008), 'Swarm of patent suits bites Apple', Electronic Engineering Times, 5 May, p. 22.

Style notes for this reference type

  • In the reference list the date follows the magazine title. For weekly magazines, give the day and month e.g. 18 April. For monthly/bimonthly/quarterly magazines give the month or other descriptor e.g. October-November, Spring.
  • Magazine names are Italicised. Use maximal capitalisation - capitalise the first and all major words of the publication's name. Give the publication's name in full.
  • Article titles are contained within single quotation marks and are not italicised. Use minimal capitalisation - capitalise only the first word of the article title and any proper nouns. Include both article title and subtitle regardless of length e.g. 'Still moving: between cinema and photography'.
  • There is no comma or full-stop between the author's names and year of publication. Commas are used to separate all other elements. The reference entry finishes with a full-stop.
  • Include page numbers at the end of the reference entry. If an article continues towards the end of the publication provide both sets of page numbers e.g. pp 14-15, 32.

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