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Format for in-text citation

In-text citation example

Newman (2008, p. 14) reported that…


Apple has been beset with more patent suits since developing the iPod (Claburn 2008, p. 22).

Format for reference list

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Author Year of publication, 'Title of article', Name of Publication, Date, Page numbers.

Reference list example


Newman, M 2008, 'Baffling the bandits', National Wildlife, October, pp. 14-15.


Claburn, T 2008, 'Swarm of patent suits bites Apple', Electronic Engineering Times, 5 May, p. 22.

Style notes for this reference type

  • In the reference list the date follows the magazine title. For weekly magazines, give the day and month e.g. 18 April. For monthly/bimonthly/quarterly magazines give the month or other descriptor e.g. October-November, Spring.
  • Magazine names are Italicised. Use maximal capitalisation - capitalise the first and all major words of the publication's name. Give the publication's name in full.
  • Article titles are contained within single quotation marks and are not italicised. Use minimal capitalisation - capitalise only the first word of the article title and any proper nouns. Include both article title and subtitle regardless of length e.g. 'Still moving: between cinema and photography'.
  • There is no comma or full-stop between the author's names and year of publication. Commas are used to separate all other elements. The reference entry finishes with a full-stop.
  • Include page numbers at the end of the reference entry. If an article continues towards the end of the publication provide both sets of page numbers e.g. pp 14-15, 32.

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