Unreported decisions (medium neutral citations from the court)

Format for footnotes

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Case Name [Year] Unique Court Identifier Judgment Number, [Pinpoint] ('Short Title').


Quarmby v Keating [2009] TASSC 80, [11] (‘Quarmby’).

Format for subsequent references

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Short Title (n Footnote Number) Pinpoint.


Quarmby (n 5) 88.

Format for bibliography

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Case name [Year] Unique Court Identifier Judgement Number


Quarmby v Keating [2009] TASCC 80

Style notes for this reference type

  • Media neutral citations should only be used where the citation was allocated by the court itself. See the table at Rule 2.3.1 for unique court identifiers and details on when the courts allocated medium neutral citations.
  • For older unreported cases that don’t have a medium neutral citation, see Rule 2.3.2.
  • Only cite the unreported version if the case hasn’t been reported in a law report series. See Rule 2.2.2 for the order of preference when multiple versions are available.
  • Pinpoint references should appear as paragraph numbers and should adhere to Rules 1.1.6-1.1.7.
  • For a comprehensive listing of Legal Abbreviations in commonwealth jurisdictions, check the Cardiff index to legal abbreviations.
  • The Monash University Library Legal Abbreviations is a great resource for both Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts.

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