Searching Materials

Each collection available to view in the Reading Room has its own catalogue and way of identifying material that you can request.

Before you visit:

You can search collection material via online catalogues.

Some collections have finding aids or listings that provide additional information.

Once you have identified material you'd like to view, requests can be made online with Aeon.

  • Searching Special Collections

    Rare Books:

    Rare Book material can be searched online through the University Library catalogue.

    The Rare Book collections include significant Australian and international collections of book, journals and ephemera.  It also holds works generated by the University of Melbourne and its students and the University of Melbourne Press Collection.

    A full list of Rare Book collections is available on the Special Collections website.

    Rare Book material is identified with the location code "SpC", for example, SpC/T, SpC/Ax and SpC/UM

    If you have a general research enquiry about Rare Books, please email Susan Millard, Curator, Rare Books at


    A comprehensive database of Print Collection material is available online, including a large collection of digitised material.

    More information about the Print Collection is available on the Special Collections website.

    If you have a general research enquiry about the Print Collection, please email Kerrianne Stone, Curator, Prints, at

    Rare Music:

    Over 10,000 rare music items can be located by searching the University Library catalogue.

    The Rare Music Collection contains seven fully-catalogued named collections, such the Hanson-Dyer Collection and the Barry Tuckwell Collection. Detailed listings of uncatalogued collections, including the Concert and Theatre Program Collection and the Organ Music Collection, are available online.

    See the Rare Music website for a full list of collections, listings and subject guides.

    Rare Music material will contain the location code Music RB, Music RBF, Music RBEF, or Store Music RB.

    If you have a query about an item or collection that may be uncatalogued please e-mail Jen Hill, Curator, Rare Music, at

  • Searching University of Melbourne Archives

    The University of Melbourne Archives has an online catalogue which contains summary information about all of its collections.

    You can also search the digital image catalogue for images available online.

    UMA has a number of subject guides to assist researchers in identifying collections relevant to their area of study. Topics range from nursing collections through to University records, the peace movement to Ned Kelly.

    A finding aid is a detailed box or file index of a collection. Many of UMA's collections are listed in this way. All of the finding aids are available online.

    The UMA library holds a number of books and other resources than can be searched through the University Library catalogue.

    If you have a general research enquiry about the University of Melbourne Archives, please email

  • Searching Grainger Museum Collection

    The Grainger Museum Collection can be searched via the dedicated Grainger Museum Catalogue.

    There are also a number of finding aids to assist researchers in locating uncatalogued material, including  Percy Grainger's music, his collection of music by other composers, and the GWL Marshall-Hall collection.

    Further information on researching the Grainger Museum Collection is available on the Grainger Museum website.

    If you have a general research enquiry about the Grainger Museum Collection, please email

How do I request material?

Request Now

Once you have identified the material you wish to access, you can request the material online before coming into the Reading Room for viewing. Information on requesting material is available in our Requesting Materials guide.