Finding the Reading Room

The Reading Room is located on the 3rd  floor  of the Baillieu Library on the University's Parkville Campus.  View building map here.

If you have access requirements

It’s important to us that all visitors can access our collections in a way that is comfortable and appropriate for them. The Reading Room is accessible by lift and accessible bathrooms are available on the third, second and lower ground floors. Please contact us before your visit if you would like to discuss how we can best accommodate you.

When you arrive

We don't want you to be caught out when you arrive, so keep the following in mind when you visit:

  • Collections are accessed exclusively in the Baillieu Reading Room. Materials cannot be removed from the room.
  • We need to view a valid form of photo ID when we check you in, and entry may be refused without it.
  • Please leave all your bags in the lockers provided. Locker keys are issued at our reference desk, please remember to return them before you leave.
  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the Reading Room.

Handling Tips

The items provided in the Reading Room are often fragile, rare or valuable. Reading Room staff will provide you with guidance on safely handling items on your first visit, and when you request new types of materials. Keep in mind the following:

  • Clean hands: Ensure your hands are clean, dry and free from lotions, hand sanitiser and moisturisers.
  • Give your material space: Ensure an adequate flat surface and ample area is available to place the items securely on the table and never attempt to flatten out pages for viewing or photography.
  • Taking notes: Pencils and personal laptops and tablets can be used in the Reading Room, please do not underline, highlight or mark collection material in any way.
  • Taking photos: You are free to take photos with your own device but please avoid flash as the materials can be light sensitive.
  • Flagging materials: If you need to flag a page, paper slips can be provided by Reading Room staff.
  • Collections care: Many items in the collection are fragile, please take care when handling them and seek advice from Reading Room staff
  • Support volumes: Pillows and weights are provided to help support the fragile spines and covers of volumes in the collection and safely keep pages open.
  • Handling files:  When accessing archival files, please ensure that you maintain the original order of the files and their contents.

Making Copies of Material

We encourage all researchers to use their own portable devices such as phones, cameras and tablets in order to take images of collection material for reference.  If you do not have a photographic device, the Reading Room can supply an iPad for your use. You will need to have a valid email address or USB storage device so that you can retrieve your images.

When making copies, researchers should keep in mind copyright requirements and that there may be restrictions on copying some material. Where this is the case, staff will let you know.

The Reading Room does not provide a copying service, and staff are unable to make copies on your behalf.

We can facilitate the professional digitisation of some items through the University Digitisation Centre, on a fee for service basis. See Digitisation Requests for details.