Online file transfer

AARNET's CloudStor

Online delivery of files can be a convenient method for quickly transferring files, however the size of files associated with digitisation usually results in files that are too large to send via email. To avoid this problem UDC use AARNET's CloudStor service for transferring large files.

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  • Simple to use
  • Uses university staff or student account (both ugrad. and pgrad. students)
  • Send a file (up to 100Gb) to anyone, anywhere
  • Send vouchers to people in external organisations to receive files
  • Automated notifications of uploads/downloads
  • Avoids external network charges
  • It's FREE

Access CloudStor

Multiple files are packaged into a single file either as a ZIP archive or an ISO disk image.

Clients who do not have access to this service for sending files can email UDS to request a voucher to send us a file.