UDC can provide training and information sessions to communicate information and provide opportunities to the University community to broaden their knowledge of digitisation.

  • Understanding images
  • Digitisation Basics
  • Using images in theses
  • Preparing images for Publication

Workshops are also available as part of the Researcher@Library training.

Imaging Clinic

Every second Tuesday

Until further notice all future clinics will be held via Zoom. Email to receive an invitation to the meeting.

Having trouble with images in your thesis? Has a publisher rejected your images for a paper/book? Trying OCR but it's not working as well as you'd hoped? Want to learn photogrammetry?

Training is great but at some point you're just going to need some help from a professional. This fortightly clinic provides staff and postgrad students with access to UDC's Technical Support Officer to advise, teach or actually help you do anything relating to digitisation or imaging.

Booking is not required.


The following tutorials cover aspects of digitisation relating directly to our services.  For more general reference material and tutorials about digitisation and using digital assets please refer to the Digitisation Lab blog.