Course Work Collections contains resources for subjects taught at the University, includes exam papers.

  • What type of resources does Course-Work include?

    Course Work includes  resources that are  primarily related to  the delivery of courses  at the University of Melbourne

    • Exam Papers
    • Projects
    • Reports
  • What restrictions are there on viewing resources in Course-Work?

    Course-Work resources are predominantly only available to University of Melbourne staff and students and requires a login.

    Staff and students can login using their University of Melbourne username and password to access the resources.

  • How do I search for Exam resources in Course Work

    You can search for terms and phrases in Course Work. Here are a few examples of searches that can be used and adapted.

    Exam papers can be search via the Course-Work interface:


    Exam Papers can be searched via the Exam Webpage search:

    The following searches will work in both

  • I have searched but can't find an exam paper for my subject.

    Not all exam papers are made available for student access. If you have searched and can't find a specific exam then please check with the subject coordinator as to whether an exam paper should be available for that particular subject.

  • I am an academic how do I make an exam paper available for my students?

    There is a bulk upload of exam papers in February each year so that the exams of the previous year are available in early March. There is also usually a smaller upload at the start of second semester each year.

    The Examination Team, University Services – Academic Services  provides the examination papers that we make available to the staff and students via the Examination Paper Collection.

    The Examination Team will be able to answer questions regarding what are the requirements for making examination papers available and include them in the bulk upload times.

If you require further information or have a query about any of the resources in Course-Work Collections please contact us.