Eva Kubbos

Volume XXII, Number 2, 1963

Eva Kubbos is a painter and graphic artist, winner of at least fifty art awards. She was an important printmaker in the 1960s as part of the immigrant artists group who brought European avant-garde sensibility to the Australian art scene.

Kubbos was born in Didsilininkai village, Lithuania, into a farming family of six children in 1928. Her father died when she was eight. The family experienced adversity, but her childhood memories are filled with the wonders of nature. She began drawing at an early age.

In 1944, she fled to Mittweiden in Northern Germany with her family to escape the advancing Russian army. She worked with a tailor who recognised her artistic ability and encouraged her to produce fashion sketches. She studied at the Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst (College of Applied Art) in Berlin from 1945 to 1950.

She arrived in Australia in 1952 with her younger sister, Marta. After carrying out a two-year work contract, she moved to Melbourne, working as a window-dresser at Cann’s Department Store, winning awards and being promoted to Advertising Manager.

In 1956 she enrolled at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and later at Swinburne Technical College to study new techniques in graphic art. She exhibited her work in 1958, wood and linocuts, at the Second Lithuanian Art Exhibition held at the Victorian Artists Society Hall in Melbourne. She moved to Sydney in 1960, where she met long-time friend and mentor Henry Ĺ alkauskas.

Internal  images and original cover artwork for Volume XXII  Number 2 1963

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