Feedback and Incident Reporting Policy Trial Now Live

The Reading Room is now trialling it's new Feedback and Incident Reporting Policy

In a commitment to service excellence and business improvement, the Reading Room has is trialling the new Feedback and Incident Reporting Policy.   This Policy establishes minimum standards of service and expectations and opens a dialogue with our Researchers about the services and behaviours in the Reading Room.

The Policy has been developed in two parts: a Service Charter and Code of Conduct. The Service Charter defines the behaviour and service levels expected of Reading Room services.  

We encourage our researchers to use the feedback form provided to communicate with us, letting us know what we do well, where we can improve and any general feedback or suggestions you may have.

The Code of Conduct sets out our expectations of researchers in relation to the materials we issue and behaviour in the Reading Room. It is important that we remember that the Reading Room is not only a place where items from the University’s rare or unique collections are made available and need to be handled in a manner that protects their material condition, it is also a workplace for staff and researchers alike.

You can find more information about our Incident Reporting and Assessment Procedure on our website.

The Feedback and Incident Reporting Policy will be trialled for three months (July – October 2016). If you have any questions or feedback about the new policy, please contact:

Carl Temple

PH: (03) 834 47955


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