Southbank library

The self-service recording pod is available for staff and student use on the ground floor of the Southbank library.

Booking the Southbank self-service recording facilities

  • Check the opening hours for the Southbank Library. Please note you are not able to access the area during after hours study zone times.
  • Use the BookIT system to make your booking (2 hours maximum per day) and adhere to the guidelines and policies information.
Outside of Recording pod
Southbank self-service recording facilities

Using the Southbank self-service recording facilities

  • Staff and students with a valid card will be able to to access the pod. A swipe card is not required to access the booth. Due to COVID protocols a maximum of two people are permitted in the pod at any one time.
  • View the self-service recording pod user guide for detailed instructions on how to use the pod.
  • The self-service pod recording console uses a microSD card (purchased separately) or it can be plugged into a BYOD laptop for recording.
  • The smaller self-service booth has no in-built recording equipment and is designed for BYOD use.
  • There is no computer or webcam in either space but staff are encouraged to use their smartphones to record video if necessary. Learning Environments have detailed production resource guides to assist with producing content.
  • As these are self-service spaces, on-demand technical support is limited. To log a technical problem with the equipment in the pod, please use the general enquiry form.

Equipment in the Southbank self-service recording pod

Self-service recording pod

  • Console: Rodecaster Pro
  • Microphone: Two Rode Podcaster mics on boom stands
  • Headphones: Two Beyerdynamic DT770 (250 Ohm).


The self-service recording facilities are located on the ground floor of the Southbank library.