Booking library meeting rooms


  • Library Meeting Rooms are only available for booking by Scholarly Services staff. University staff can request a booking which will need to be authorised by Library staff. External visitors or students are not able to book rooms.
  • The rooms may be made unavailable for block periods during busy times (usually the first 4 weeks of semester), to facilitate library sessions.
    • 2023 - 1st Semester
      • Unavailable between February 20th to March 27th.
    • 2023 - 2nd Semester 
      • Unavailable - July 17th to August 21st.
  • All booking requests are to be made using the online form on the Library website. Staff are not to make bookings directly through the Outlook calendar or by direct email to Library staff.
  • All Library meeting rooms are only available during library opening hours.
  • Room keys to be returned prior to the Service Desk closing -
  • Bookings for non-Scholarly Services staff may only be made up to 6 months in advance and
  • If you are more than 30 minutes  late to a booking, you must notify Library staff, otherwise the booking may be cancelled to allow others to use the space.
  • Ensure the space is kept clean and orderly, and remains set up as it was when the room was opened.

Request to book a library meeting room

Meeting Rooms

Room NameImageCapacityiMac/PCProjectorMic Touch Panel ControlsOther

!Baillieu Grd Floor Dulcie Hollyock Room (40)

Bld 177 G01

  40 iMac Dual Boot Y Y Y Dishwasher and kitchenette

!Baillieu 1st Flr Leigh Scott Rm (40)

Bld 177 107

30 PC Y Y Push button  

Baillieu 4th Flr Committee Rm (402) *

Bld 177  402

12 BYODZOOM ROOMYYScholarly Service Staff Only

* Only available for meetings that include Scholarly Services staff.

Library hours

Please note that access to the meeting rooms is governed by the times the Baillieu Library is open. See Library hours.


  • Collect the key from the Service Desk to open the room.
  • The library does not provide any assistance with room set up, cleaning, catering etc.
  • Ensure you allow enough time for set up and pack up in your booking
  • Wipe down the whiteboard
  • Clear all rubbish into the bins provided
  • Wipe down tables
  • Shutdown computers and AV
  • Reset the room by stacking chairs and (where applicable) flip tables against the walls
  • Ensure all catering is cleared away
  • In Dulcie Hollyock stack dishwasher and turned on - please advise Library Staff at the Service Desk, if you have used the dishwasher.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Lock room and return key to Service Desk

If you notice any problems with the rooms please inform library staff at the Service Desk.