Review in a newspaper

You may need to consult more than one section to accurately represent the source used (eg. number of authors and source descriptions)

Format for in-text citation

In-text citation example

…as reviewed in The Age (Wilson 2019).

Format for reference list

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Author of review (Surname, First name). Year of publication. "Title of Review," review of Title, other publication information or sponsor of work. Title of Newspaper, Month, day and year of publication, section or edition (if relevant). DOI/URL/Database name.

Reference list example

Wilson, Jake. 2019. "Booksmart: At Last, a Polished Teen Feminist Buddy Movie," review of Booksmart, directed by Olivia Wilde. The Age, July 12, 2019.

Style notes for this reference type

  • See Manual 15.49 and 14.203
  • If a newspaper article is unsigned, the title of the newspaper stands in place of the author, see Manual 15.49
  • Review titles are included in quotation marks. If there is no specific title for the review, just include 'review of Title'.
  • Newspaper titles are italicised.
  • In the reference list, invert the name of the first author only.
  • Omit the initial The for English language newspaper titles.
  • If the title does not include the city name, add it to the title in brackets (unless it is a well known publication like Wall Street Journal.)
  • You may include the specific edition if relevant. e.g. final edition; afternoon edition.
  • If the paper is published in several sections, the section number or name may be given.
  • Page numbers are not required for reference lists or in-text citations.
  • To reference an article consulted online, include the URL. For articles consulted in print, omit the DOI or URL.

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