Edited book

You may need to consult more than one section to accurately represent the source used (eg. number of authors and source descriptions)

Format for in-text citation

In-text citation example

Derrida (2008) suggests that…


…this theory was disproved (Sarat and Scheingold 1998).


Derrida (2008, 220) posits that…

Format for reference list

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Editor in place of an author:

Surname, First name, ed(s). Year of publication. Title. Place of publication: Publisher.

Edited collection of works:

Author Surname, First name. Year of publication. Title. Edited by Editor name. Place of publication: Publisher.

Reference list example

Sarat, Austin and Stuart Scheingold, eds. 1998. Cause Lawyering: Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities. New York: Oxford University Press.


Derrida, Jacques. 2008. The Animal That I Therefore Am. Edited by Marie-Louise Mallet. Translated by David Wills. New York: Fordham University Press.

Style notes for this reference type

  • For other examples see Manual 15.9 (for edited collections) and 15.36 (for editor in place of author).
  • Use the surname only in in-text citations. Do not use ed. in in-text citations.
  • In in-text citations with four or more authors list the first author's surname following by et al., e.g. (Sutherland et al. 2017).
  • For in-text citations, when citing a particular passage, include the page number/s in the in-text citation. Do not use 'p' or 'pp' before the page numbers. Place a comma between the year and page number/s. Refer to section headings in lieu of page numbers for online books.
  • Invert the author and/or editor's name in the reference list.
  • Do not abbreviate 'edited by' or 'translated by' in the reference list for edited collections.
  • Where both an editor and translator is listed, their names should appear in the same order as the original source.
  • Use the same format where there is a translator or compiler instead of an editor.
  • If the book has an editor in place of an author, the work is listed in the name of the editor. Use the abbreviation ed. after the editor's name in the reference list. For more than one editor, use eds.
  • Specify the edition after the title if it is not the first edition.
  • No page numbers are given for books. Give beginning and ending page numbers for book chapters.
  • For online books include the DOI (or URL) as the last part of the citations.

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