Licence Agreement

The University of Melbourne

Declaration for the use of ENDNOTE Software Licence

The Endnote agreement conditions are:

  1. I am an enrolled student/staff member of the University of Melbourne
  2. I understand I am downloading the ENDNOTE software under the conditions of an agreement between The University of Melbourne and ISI ResearchSoft Inc.
  3. I may only load the software onto a University owned computer or my personal computer, for use in my learning or research studies.
  4. Should I cease to be a student or staff member of The University of Melbourne I must immediately remove the ENDNOTE software from my computer
  5. I shall not duplicate the software for use by others unless I have the permission of The University of Melbourne.
  6. I am aware of and understand the Regulations of The University of Melbourne regarding the use of computing and communications facilities.

I declare that I have read the information and fully understand the conditions under which I may use the ENDNOTE software licence.