Zotero Webinar Recordings

Zotero for beginners webinar  recording

https://vimeo.com/699690053/59045b5918 Recorded on the 13th April 2022

This recording will introduce you to the basics of using the Zotero reference management program. The webinar addresses:

  • the capabilities and limitations of reference management software;
  • downloading the program,
  • connectors and plugins;
  • navigating important features of the Zotero interface;
  • adding references to your Zotero library using a range of techniques;
  • synching an online account with your desktop account;
  • using Zotero to insert citations and format a bibliography in Word or Google Docs using your preferred referencing style.

Zotero for researchers webinar recording

https://vimeo.com/703758039/12a78a82d0 Recorded on 27th April 2022

This webinar is for Zotero users who are familiar with the basics of adding references and working with Word, who are wanting to use further features to support information management, research projects and writing long documents.

The webinar addresses:

  • using document annotation tools;
  • automatically importing material;
  • making the most of tags;
  • creating and following groups;
  • syncing across devices and tablets;
  • and understanding the storage options.

Zotero for collaboration webinar recording

https://vimeo.com/467253416/65f41bf0fd Recorded on the 7th October 2020

This webinar covers

  • the basics of setting up researcher groups;
  • sharing references and using MS Word and Google Docs to write collaboratively.

This session assumes a working knowledge of Zotero.

Zotero: taking things further

Recorded on the 29th June 2020 for the Researcher Connect program. https://vimeo.com/434242387/98ccf90727

More the just writing and citing, Zotero is a swiss army knife of tools for researchers. This open-source software makes it easy to find, manage and organise your reading materials and notes. Community built add ons can extend what you can achieve with your collections, and provide you with well-structured information to use with other analysis software.