Find a study space

Looking for somewhere to study? Updated in real time, our Find-a-Study-Space guide shows how busy the study spaces are within libraries across the Parkville, Southbank, Werribee and Burnley campuses.

The system uses 3D processing and analysis to determine how many people enter and exit a space each minute. Its sensors indicate the number of people on that level, rather than how many seats are physically available. The technology is anonymous - no identifying information is stored or transmitted from the sensor.

Visit the Find a Study Space website to find out more, and look out for the screens at the entrance to each of our Parkville branches to see how busy each floor is.

When the libraries are at their busiest over SWOT Vac and the exam period, check out the pop-up study spaces at other venues around campus.

You can also book a project room, booth or library computer up to two weeks in advance.