Digitised Collections contains resources of cultural and historical significance to the University, including content from the University Archives and the Library's Special Collections.

  • What type of resources are included in Digitised-Collections?

    Digitised-Collections aims to collect, preserve, and showcase resources from cultural, special and faculty collections of the University of Melbourne. Digitised-Collections includes resources from the University of Melbourne Archives, Special Collections and Faculties.

    • Architectural Drawings
    • Audio Recordings
    • Calendars
    • Handbooks
    • Images
    • Journals
    • Maps
    • Photographs
    • Reports
  • How do I search for resources in Digitised-Collections?

    You can search for terms and phrases in both metadata records and full-text resources in Digitised-Collections. Here are a few examples of searches that can be used and adapted.

  • Can I search and retrieve records that have Open Access files attached?

    You can add the following to any search to identify which records have an available file attached: melbourne.accessrights_keyword:"Open Access"

    Example: music AND melbourne.accessrights_keyword:"Open Access"

    This will return all records that have the term music as well as having an open access file attached.

  • What restrictions are there on viewing resources in Digitised-Collections?

    Digitised-Collections has basically two access conditions which are displayed prominently in each record.

    • Open Access (attached file available to all for viewing)
    • Only available to University of Melbourne staff and students, login required (attached file only available to staff and students of the University of Melbourne for viewing)
  • Do I need to login to view certain resources?

    Staff and Students can login using their University of Melbourne username and password and will be able to access any of the resources designated as "Only available to University of Melbourne staff and students, login required". Staff and students will also be able to save list of records and export metadata record in csv format.

  • What does a registered Guest have access to?

    Guest access is for people who are not staff or student at the University of Melbourne who wish to be able to save and export lists of records in csv and ris formats. A Guest login does not provide access to any restricted content.

If you require further information or have a query about any of the resources in Digitised Collections please contact us.