Phantasy for Solo Horn and Orchestra



The  archive consists of:
M-H 2/5-1—A full score.
M-H 2/5-2:1-37—Orchestral parts.

  • M-H  2/5-1

    Unbound composer’s autograph full score. Black inked. Cut down score paper folded at the left edges, now containing 14.5 staves only. 38.5cm x 24.5cm x 0.5cm. The pagination 1 to 28 occurs on the rectos only in uneven number sequence. These are followed by 3 blank leaves (6 pages) of score paper. The first recto holds the inscription: ‘Phantasy. For Solo horn and Orchestra. Dedicated to Hermann Kühr. by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall.’ The final verso (p.28) is signed and dated: ‘GWL Marshall-Hall. 25/10/05.’ The work is scored for: solo horn in F [or possibly E]; first and second violins, violins, cellos, double basses, all labelled: ‘divisi and con sordini’; with the later addition through the score of 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets and timpani. Alphabetical rehearsal cues occur throughout in ink and in pencil. The work is in one movement with a da capo from p.13 to 28.

  • M-H 2/5-2:1-37—Orchestral parts

    Orchestral parts. Present are: 7 first violin, 8 second violin, 3 viola, 3 violoncello, 3 double bass, 1 first flute, 1 second flute, 1 first oboe, 1 second oboe, 1 first clarinet, 1 second clarinet, 1 first bassoon, 1 second bassoon, 1 first French horn, 1 second French horn, 1 first trumpet, 1 second trumpet, 1 kettledrum.