Horn Quartet in B Major

  • M-H 3/1-1: 1 to 21

    Twenty-one printed copies of the full score. The score is undated. It is headed at p.1: ‘Quartett for horn in F, violin, viola and Pianoforte by G.W.L. Marshall Hall’ (the hyphen of the name is missing). The scoring is then arranged (in descending order): violin, viola, horn in F and piano. The first verso holds the imprint of a purple rubber stamp reading: ‘Auto-copyist Print by Edmanson & Co.’ All scores are 40.75cm x 33cm x 0.7cm. The four movements are marked with Roman numerals:

    • I Allegro at p.1
    • II Lento penseroso at p.12
    • III Allegretto grazioso at p.18
    • IV Allegro animato at p.25

    The 21 scores are numbered M-H 3/1-1:1 to M-H 3/1-1: lt. Of these, M-H 3/1-1: 1b is held in a torn cover of cardboard and parts of envelopes and is inscribed ‘Marshall-Hall MSS’ in pencil, and below in ink ‘horn Quartet (also horn part arr. for cello).’ (The cello part mentioned is now stored as a separate item, M-H 3/1-3, see below.) The score contains additions in the composer’s hand i.e. an X in pencil sporadically throughout; the pencilled dynamic markings at pp.6, 13, 20, 21, 37; pencilled notation corrections at pp.5, 6, 7, 17, 27, 31 and added tempo markings at pp.25 and 28. This copy appears to have been one used by Marshall-Hall for a performance or rehearsals.

    M-H 3/1-1: 1d contains the pencilled word ‘corrected’ on the recto of the loose front cover but appears unaltered. M-H 3/1-1: 1e holds a black-inked arithmetical calculation on the final verso and the pencilled inscription: ‘Separate parts for violin, viola, horn (or cello) 1 copy’ on the second recto. M-H 3/1-1: 1l contains some pencilled notation corrections at p.12. Pages 17 to 20 are cut with a razor blade, and a sheet numbered 19-20 is missing three-quarters of the length of the page, while p.21-22 (a single sheet) is missing.

  • M-H 3/1-2

    Horn Quartett in B Major. Parts. 93 parts are present, all printed by the method used for M-H 3/1-1 (see above). 13-stave pages. No imprint. 32cm x 25.5cm. 12 pages. The three non-piano parts exist in multiple copies: M-H 3/1-2-1: 1 to M-H 3/1-2-1: 1bb are violin parts; M-H 3/1-2-2: 1 to M-H 3/1-2-2: 1ee are viola parts; M-H 3/1-2-3: 1 to M-H 3/1-2-3: 1ee are horn parts.

  • M-H 3/1-3

    Horn Quartett in B Major. Arrangement of horn part for cello. A brown envelope containing the score holds an inscription in black ink: ‘Grainger Museum. G.W.L. Marshall-Hall: horn part of Horn Quartet arr. for cello by composer (composer’s MS).’ The envelope contains a light yellow cardboard folder 28.5cm x 37cm. The top edge is reinforced with brown cardboard. Inscribed in black ink on the outer cover, on a pasted-in white strip of paper, is: ‘G. W. L. Marshall-Hall: horn Quartet (Quartet, F# min, for horn, viola and Piano) horn Part arr. for cello by composer (composer’s MS) Original MS.’ Inscribed on the first recto: ‘(horn arranged for V.cello).’ Headed: ‘QUARTETT.’ Some re-notation occurs at p.7. Sewn into the folder is a MS of 6 sheets (12 pages) of 12-stave paper. Blue-black ink is used. A composer’s autograph. Pages 26.75cm x 36.25cm with the imprint: A.L. No.6 below a circular emblem containing the drawing of a sailing ship are used.