A Bassoon and Piano Work


M-H 3/6-1

A manila cover and MS.  23.5cm x 31cm. 12-stave score paper imprinted ‘B.C. No.29’ on a lyre emblem.  Black inked score. Composer’s autograph. 20 sheets (40 pages), paginated 1 to  12 where the verso is not numbered and commencing again at 1, continuing to 19.  The final recto is not signed, but bears an inscription in Marshall-Hall’s  hand: ‘don’t boast.’ No date given for the year. Marked ‘Allo con  brio’ at p.1. The score is stained.

The verso of p.12  is a sketch in pencil, much reworked. At the following page the numbering  begins again at 1 on the recto. The page is set out as if the work were to  begin again. There is no marking to indicate a second movement to the preceding  Allegro con brio, however. It is headed: ‘In the Orchard, Charterisville’, and  is signed: ‘G.W.L. M-H’ and ‘Adagio quasi Andante.’ The tenor clef is used for  this area as opposed to the bass clef in the preceding pages. The B.C. No.29 on  lyre imprint continues.