Loan periods


Type of itemDescriptionLoan PeriodCan it be renewed?
Hourly loansThese are on subject reading lists and have been reduced to a short loan period by a lecturer.

They have 2 or 3 hour loan stickers on the cover.

Located in a separate high use collection or sometimes behind the desk.

The catalogue displays 'TWO HOUR LOAN' or 'THREE HOUR LOAN' next to the call number.
2 or 3 hoursNo
Overnight loan

'O/N' stamp in the back of the book and/or 'OVERNIGHT LOAN' label on the cover.

The catalogue displays 'OVERNIGHT LOAN' next to the call number.

Overnight No
7 day loansThe catalogue displays 'SEVEN DAY LOANS' next to the call number.7 daysYes (Music scores can be renewed 4 times. Check for other music and media items)
JournalsBound journals and older unbound journals with 'Boxed at P' stickers.2 days (staff and graduate students only)No
28/90 day loansStandard items.

28 days for everyone (except academic staff,  graduate and honours students).

90 days for academic staff, graduate and honours students. 90 day loans may be shortened if another patron requests the item.

Yes; up to 10 times for University of Melbourne borrowers and 4 times for others (check for media items)