We email you to help you keep track of items you have borrowed or requested. All of our emails are sent automatically from the library system; please don't reply.

Types of email notifications

Notification Emails sent
Return or autorenewal reminder

We send you 1 email before your items are due. If they are eligible for autorenewal, we will notify you to let you know have they have been renewed.

We will send you a reminder for:

  • 7 day loans - 3 days before the item is due.
  • 28/90 day loans - 4 days before the item is due.
Overdue alert

We send you 4 email alerts.

We will send you the first overdue alert:

  • On the 8th day after the due date for 28/90 day loans.
  • On the 4th day after the due date for 7 day loans.
  • As soon as the item is overdue for all other items.

Request collection

We email you when your requested item is ready to collect. We send these 4 times during the day.


We send you an email if you have a 90 day loan item and someone else requests it. You may have to return it early.

We also email you if we require the book back early to place in a high-use collection.

Email addresses

Please note: if you are a member of the University of Melbourne, we only send email to your official university email address which is automatically included in your record.