Authorise someone to borrow on your behalf

If you need someone else to borrow or access your library record on your behalf, you need to give that person official authorisation.

We make provision for two different types of authorisations:

  1. You can authorise a specific person for a designated time period, otherwise known as a Designated Borrower.
  2. You can give a one-time authorisation for a specific person to access your record for a specific time.

Note: If you are an academic with the Faculty of Law please see the section on the Law Research Service below.

Authorisation for a specific person for a designated time period - Designated Borrower

You can apply for a designated person to be able to borrow books and access your library record on your behalf.

The designated person will be given a separate borrowing card with a barcode which allows direct access to your library record. You will remain responsible for any fines or charges incurred on your record as well as receiving all library correspondence in relation to materials borrowed on your record.

Applying to have a designated borrower:

  1. Fill in the designated borrower card application form below.
  2. Send it, together with a scanned copy of your ID card, to
  3. We will email you to request confirmation of your application.
  4. We will then contact your designated borrower to arrange a time for them to sign the form and collect their card. They will need to bring photo ID with them.
  5. Your application will be processed within 5 days.

Application form [PDF]

Expiry of designated borrower cards

All designated borrower cards will expire on December 31st of the following year unless you contact us prior to that to cancel the card.

Renewing your designated borrower arrangement

To renew your designated borrower arrangement, you need to send another application form in each year. We accept renewal applications in January and if your form is not submitted by December 15th access to your Designated Borrower will be removed until new paperwork is submitted and processed.

One-time authorisation for a specific person to access a person's record

If you temporarily need another person to borrow using your card or to have access to your library record, either to pay a fine or collect a hold, you need to write a letter authorising that person to use access your library card and access your record.

The letter needs to specify what you want the person to do; the person's name and the dates on which you want to give them this authorisation.  When they come to the library they need to be able to show photo identification.

The Law Research Service

If you are an academic in the Faculty of Law you can use the Law Research Service which provides research support including borrowing on your behalf.

More information about the Law Research Service