Dante: Curators in Conversation

Engraving depicting large figure gathering two smaller figures in his hands, line drawing from Dante's The Divine Comedy
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, illustrated by John Flaxman, Rare Books Collection

Noel Shaw Gallery, Level 1, Baillieu Library

Join curators across Special Collections, Susan Millard (Curator, Rare Books), Kerrianne Stone (Curator, Prints) and Jen Hill  (Curator, Rare Music) as they take part in the conversation revealing the stories behind the objects on display in the exhibition. Kerrianne Stone will be joined by academic Jess Majcen from European Renaissance Art studies to discuss in detail works such as the Nuremberg Chronicle and Durer’s Promenade.

Epic and Divine: Dante’s World is a celebration of the life and works of Dante Alighieri. Drawn from the University of Melbourne’s Archives and Special Collections, it showcases rare books, artworks and other materials that explore Dante’s seminal poem The Divine Comedy, its context, themes and ongoing influence. The exhibition features incredible works from our collections by artists and authors such as Sandro Botticelli, William Blake, Gustave DorĂ©, and Salvador Dali – and  Australian artists such as Sydney Nolan, Bruno Leti and Angela Cavalieri.