Post-Parliamentary Speeches


Friends of Gallipoli mark the end of the war in Gallipoli (PDF 53KB)
Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, 20 December 2014

Opening speech for the Asylumn Seeker Resource Centre (PDF 117KB)
ASRC, Melbourne, 10 December 2014

Would we follow America into a Fourth War? (PDF 127KB)
Cranlana Alumni Series, Toorak, 24 September 2014

Should Australia be involved in a war that may be sparked by China and the United States? (PDF 115KB)
31st Annual Politics Lecture, Earl Page College, The University of New England, Armidale, 6 August 2014

Australia's relationship with Japan, America, China and the stance we should take in foreign policy (PDF 114KB)
State Planning Conference, Planning Institute of Australia, Warrnambool, 18 July 2014

Does anyone want to be the 51st state of America? (PDF 114KB)
Big Ideas Under the Dome, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, 8 July 2014

The Future of Australia (PDF 113KB)
Samuel Alexander Lecture, Wesley College, Melbourne, 20 May 2014

Dangeruos Allies: Australia's Role in the Pacific (PDF 113KB)
ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, Canberra, 12 May 2014

Macquarie University Honorary Doctorate speech (PDF 90KB)
Macquarie University. Sydney, 16 April 2014

Ethics in Decision-making (PDF 113KB)
Interaction Council. Vienna, 26 March 2014


"Fortunate Voyager: Sir Ninian Stephen" by Philip Ayres, book launch (PDF 71KB)
Supreme Court Library, Melbourne, 5 September 2013

Does Australia have the courage to establish a degree of strategic independence (PDF 131KB)
Defending Australia Symposium: The US military presence in Northern Australia. Parliament House, Darwin, 23 August 2013

"Reaching Out: Messages of Hope" edited by Mariah Kennedy book launch (PDF 105KB)
2 July 2013


Australia-US Relations in the 'Asia Century' (PDF 129KB)
Asialink Series, Carillo Gantner Theatre, University of Melbourne, 25 September 2012

Gough Whitlam Oration: Politics, Independence and the National Interest: The Legacy of Power and How to Achieve a Peaceful Western Pacific (PDF 133KB)
Whitlam Institute, (University of Western Sydney) Sydney, 6 June 2012


University of Melbourne (PDF 71KB)
University of Melbourne, December 22, 2011

The Commonwealth (PDF 110KB)
CHOGM Round Table, Murdoch University, Perth, Friday 28 October 2011

Recognising Indigenous Australians in the Constitution (PDF 115KB)
Courting Controvery Public Lecture, Melbourne Law School, Wednesday 12 October 2011

ANU Asia Pacific Week Gala Dinner
Old Parliament House, Canberra, Thursday 14 July 2011

From White Australia to Today
Australian Refugee Association Oration, Adelaide, Friday 24 June 2011

Vietnamese TET Festival
Fairfield Showgrounds, Sydney, Saturday 5 February 2011


A Global Perspective (PDF 101KB)
Australian Institute of International Affairs, 10 November 2010

Promoting a Draft Declaration of Human Responsibilities: Strengthening Human Rights (PDF 85KB)
Multi-Religious Consultation Conference, 3-7 October 2010, Kuala Lumpur

Mr Fraser's Address, Honorary Doctor of Laws Conferral Ceremony (PDF 58KB)
Monash University, 20 May 2010

Keynote Speech, Interaction Council Opening Ceremony (PDF 115KB)
28th Annual Plenary Meeting
Sunday 18 April 2010, Hiroshima, Japan


Idealism or Pragmatism in International Relations (PDF 130KB)
The Responsibility to Protect: Protection and Intervention in response to Mass Atrocity Crimes, presented by The Human Rights Law Resource Centre and the Institute of Legal Studies at the Australian Catholic University
28 November 2009, Melbourne

Abolishing All Nuclear Weapons: Necessary, Feasible and Increasingly Urgent (PDF 109KB)
Dr John Gee Memorial Lecture, presented by the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre and the Lowy Institute for International Policy
28 October 2009, Canberra

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons: No Longer The Impossible Dream (PDF 85KB)
National Consultative Committee on Disarmament, Legislative Council Chamber and Grand Hall Parliament
Sunday 24 May 2009, Wellington


'Torture Team': Human Rights, Lawyers, Interrogations and the 'War on Terror'
The Human Rights Law Resource Centre Seminar, Melbourne, 19 August 2008

Launch of Drawing the Global Colour Line by Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds
29 February 2008

Finding Security in Terrorism’s Shadow: The importance of the rule of law
Inaugural Professorial lecture, Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, The University of Melbourne 25 October 2007

Australians: What are we? How do we see ourselves? How do others see us?
Commonwealth Lecture, Australian National University, 30 April 2007

Human Rights Education is a Human Right
Keynote speech from the University of Melbourne Human Rights Forum and Faculty of Education Human Rights Education Conference, 16 February 2007

Who Matters? How Many?
2006 Law and Justice Address, Law and Justice Foundation of NSW, Parliament House, Sydney, 31 October 2006

Launch of A Thinking Reed by Barry Jones
Hill of Content Bookshop, Melbourne, 5 October 2006

Who Matters? How Many?
Toorak, 21 June 2006


Human Rights and Responsibilities in the Age of Terror
Chancellor’s Human Rights Lecture, The University of Melbourne, 29 November 2005

Presentation of the Fraser Collection to the University of Melbourne
5 May 2005

Launch of Wisdom Man by Banjo Clarke
5 March 2005

HMAS Cerberus Mess Dinner
25 June 2004

National Sorry Day: Journey of Healing
Sydney Opera House, 26 May 2004

Universal Declaration of Human Responsibility: Are We Meeting Our Responsibility to Children?
Interaction Council Seminar, Tokyo, 21 March 2004

National Sorry Day 2003
Great Hall of Parliament, Canberra, 26 May 2003

Launch of From nothing to zero: letters from refugees in Australia’s detention centres, 2003, Melbourne, Lonely Planet
6 May 2003

Occasional Address for Murdoch University Graduation Ceremony
17 September 2002

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
National Conference, Park Royal Hotel, Parramatta, 21 July 2002

B'Nai B'Rith Anti-Defamation Commission
Multicultural Tolerance: The Truth About Lies, 26 May 2002

Australians for Just Refugee Programs
Public Forum, Melbourne Town Hall, 22 May 2002

Sir Charles Court Oration
A Perspective From a Past Prime Minister, CPA Congress, 15 May 2002

CARE Gala Dinner
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, 2 May 2002

Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Laws
University of Technology, Sydney, 29 April 2002

Presentation of CARE International Humanitarian Award
17 November 2001

The Brisbane Institute Lecture
Australia’s Contemporary Relationship with the Asian and Pacific Nations, 3 October 2001

Rerum Novarum Lecture
Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace, 17 July 2001

What Kind of Australia?
Adelaide Festival of Ideas, 15 July 2001

High Noon for Globalisation
Griffith University, 9 July 2001

The Past We Need to Understand
Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, Northern Territory University, Darwin, 24 August 2000


Australia in the Year 2020
Ethnic Community Council of Victoria, 8 July 1999

Our Responsibility
50th Anniversary Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The University of Melbourne, 10 December 1998

Responsibility in World Politics
ANU Centre for International and Public Law Workshop, 20 November 1998

Labor, Liberal - where do we go?
William Quick Dinner: Queen’s College, University of Melbourne, 7 August 1991


A World in Transition
B'nai Brith Oration, 29 October 1989

Australia 2000
University of Western Australia, Perth, 22 January 1988

Sir Robert Menzies: In Search of Balance
Daniel Mannix Memorial Lecture, The University of Melbourne, 30 July 1987

Australia – Fighting for a Future
Inaugural Downer Lecture, The University of Adelaide, 30 September 1986

Liberal Democracies: Challenge and Response
Beyond '84: The 1985 London Conference on Communism and Liberal Democracy at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, 20 March 1985

The World We Live In - 1984
Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania, 12 July 1984

Inaugural Address on Multiculturalism to the Institute of Multicultural Affairs
Institute of Multicultural Affairs in Melbourne, 30 November 1981


Towards 2000: Challenge to Australia
Fifth Alfred Deakin Lecture, 20 July 1971