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Research Capability – How can the University support your research career journey?

Being the number one University for research doesn’t happen by accident. The University of Melbourne has enhanced its researcher support to build a culture of research excellence. This panel will focus on two major initiatives:  The Research Gateway and the Researcher Development Unit. The Research Gateway supports grad researchers through to senior career researchers to access research support services and resources. The University Researcher Development Unit [RDU] supports the co-ordination, delivery and evaluation of programs for whole-of-career researcher development. Working in partnership with Academic Divisions and other professional development providers, such as the Melbourne CSHE, Scholarly Services  – the RDU will facilitate the design and delivery of new University-wide programs and the expansion of existing programs.


Professor Julie McLeod - Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Capability)

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Capability) is responsible for supporting and encouraging research capability development across the University of Melbourne, working closely with Academic Divisions, Chancellery and University Services. The position provides leadership and academic oversight to support and enhance research performance and is responsible for ethics and research integrity.


Prof Matthew Harding

Professor Matthew Harding is the inaugural Director of the Researcher Development Unit [RDU]. Matthew is from the Melbourne Law School where he has been Deputy Dean and Head of Department (2016-20); his area of expertise is private law and the law of charities and other not-for-profit organisations.  Matthew has overseen and led researcher development offerings– from graduate to senior researcher – and brings a wealth of experience and insight to this new role.

Mr Jonathan O’Donnell

Jonathan O'Donnell helps people get funding for their research. To be specific, he helps the people in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He has been doing that, on and off, since the 1990's (with varying degrees of success). He loves his job. He loves it so much that he has enrolled in a PhD to look at crowdfunding for research. With Tseen Khoo, he runs the Research Whisperer blog and @ResearchWhisper Twitter stream, about doing research in academia. His ORCID is 0000-0001-5435-235X.

Dr Bryony Wakefield

Dr Bryony Wakefield is Director, Research Development in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) at the University of Melbourne. Bryony enjoys working with researchers/Faculty, collaborators, University executive and professional staff to understand researcher and partner needs. This focus has enabled Bryony to lead diverse teams to deliver timely, appropriate and easily accessible research services to support discovery and to promote a culture of research integrity.


Dr Robyn May

Robyn May is Research Capability Advisor, Chancellery Research & Enterprise. Prior to this Robyn worked in the Melbourne School of Graduate Research and in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and she has worked in Universities in the UK and NZ and for trade unions.  Robyn’s PhD examines the casualisation of academic work in Australian universities.

A Researcher Connect event.

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