Getting Started with Library Research (January)

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Webinar for graduate & academic researchers | Researcher@Library

We're developing something new for this Researcher@Library session in 2021 - watch this space.

Get an overview of key resources and services at the University Library for your research, and how best to find and use them.

This orientation session is essential for graduate research students and academic staff who are new to the University of Melbourne. It provides an overview of resources at the University Library and how best to find and use them effectively. We highlight things to consider sooner rather than later in your candidature, including copyright considerations, reference management and data management plans. Learn how to book personalized research consultations and locate specialist databases in your subject area, and receive tips on how to structure successful search strategies using major citation databases.

You can use the Research Essentials Library Guide to start exploring some of these topics straightaway.

This event is part of the Researcher@Library program, and is presented for University of Melbourne staff and students only. For more information, email

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